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Bonifacio’s Revolutionary Legacy

Members of various progressive groups celebrating the legacy of Andres Bonifacio (photo by Marya Salamat/Bulatlat).

Members of various progressive groups celebrating the legacy of Andres Bonifacio(photo by Marya Salamat/Bulatlat).

The national democratic and progressive partylist, Kabataan, which has one member in congress, called on the Filipino youth to live “up to the Supremo’s revolutionary legacy” on his 150th birthday on November 30th:

“Beyond remembrance, we call on the Filipino youth to live up to Bonifacio’s revolutionary legacy – to continue the fight against foreign domination, oppression and the cult of capitalism,” Kabataan Partylist Rep. Terry Ridon said.

“For the revolution that Bonifacio and his comrades waged more than a century ago was not only a revolution against the Spaniards. It was a revolution against oppression, poverty, and inequality. These things are – more than ever – ravaging our nation. Thus we, the youth, must take up the cudgels and continue his fight,” Ridon said.

The youth solon also extended his greetings to the 15th anniversary of Anakbayan, one of the founding organizations of Kabataan Partylist. Dubbed as the “most comprehensive mass organisation of the youth” in the Philippines, Anakbayan prides itself of having chapters in all major provinces of the country.

“The challenge for us is to emulate Bonifacio, who in the prime of his youth selflessly offered his life in service of the toiling masses. We must not be blinded by mere platitudes and the passivity of reformism. Like Bonifacio, let us organize thousands of youth, students, farmers and workers to fight for their rights. Like Bonifacio, let us mobilize the Filipino people to continue the struggle for a just and humane society,” Ridon said.

“We should use the strength, vigor and idealism of our youth to foment change, even if it entails offering our prime years in the service of the Filipino masses,” Ridon ended.



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