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Labor Group Against U.S. Troop Deployment

US Marines in Aurora Province during the Arroyo administration (photo by Arlan Naeg/AFP).

The militant national democratic labor center, Kilusang Mayo Uno, has come out against the Department of Foreign Affairs for claiming that there is a need for greater U.S. troop deployment in the Philippines:

KMU said the Aquino government is trying to exploit even its criminal incompetence in handling the supertyphoon in trying to justify greater US military presence through a framework agreement that has been in the works for months now.

“What the aftermath of Yolanda shows is not the need for greater US military presence in the country, but the need for accountability from the Aquino government. We demand justice over this government’s criminal incompetence in handling Yolanda, not more US troops,” said Elmer “Bong” Labog, KMU chairperson.

The labor leader said the Aquino government’s refusal to carry out a massive evacuation drive days before the supertyphoon struck the country caused the number of deaths to reach more than 10,000.

“What we need is a government that has a genuine concern for Filipinos, not one that’s more concerned with advancing US interests in the Asia-Pacific region. The Aquino government was too slow in detecting what’s good for Filipinos amidst Yolanda but is always too swift in advancing what’s good for the US,” Labog said.

Citing the US-RP Visiting Forces Agreement, KMU said greater US military presence in the country spells more danger, not safefy, for Filipinos.

“The US has always tried to portray itself as a friend of Filipinos whenever it tries to justify its military presence in the country. Using the devastation caused by Yolanda in order to expand its military presence in the Philippines is not friendship, but swindle of the most unkind type,” Labog said.



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