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DOLE’s ‘labor compliance system,’ violates workers rights

Workers of KMU denouncing the arival of DOLE secretary Baldoz in Davao back in September of 2011 (photo by Karlos Manlupig/Pinoy Weekly).

Workers of KMU denouncing the arival of DOLE secretary Baldoz in Davao back in September of 2011 (photo by Karlos Manlupig/Pinoy Weekly).

The national democratic labor center, Kilusang Mayo Uno, has spoken out against a new “labor compliance system” as nothing but a money making racket for thae Department of Labor and Employment and as a violation of workers’ rights:

“What’s the use of P258 million worth of gadgets and additional personnel to monitor labor law violations? Violations of workers’ rights are well-known and are the subject of complaints by labor groups. There are already thousands of cases of workers’ rights violations filed before the Labor Department which are being ignored,” Elmer “Bong” Labog, KMU chairperson, said.

“Capitalists have been blatantly abusing workers though poverty wages, contractual employment, denial of benefits, and violations of occupational health and safety standards. The pro-capitalist DOLE has simply ignored or rejected complaints about labor rights violations and have even legalized these,” he added.

KMU also slammed Baldoz for projecting the reduction of violations of labor laws because of the increased budget, saying the P286-million budget would be subject to corruption, not used in order to protect workers.

“DOLE is an instrument of big capitalists and has no intention at all to promote workers’ rights and welfare. It has seldom, if ever, defended workers from capitalist’s abuses. The additional budget for DOLE is part of a multi-million peso racket that would only fatten the pockets of the agency’s officials,” Labog said.

“In fact, DOLE has worked to prevent workers from advancing their rights and welfare by preventing them from forming unions, defending capitalist’s abuses and repressing workers’ right to assembly and to strike,” Labog said.

“Workers must remain vigilant against this new labor law compliance system. It is possible that the additional budget would also be used against workers,” Labog warned.

“This budget could be used for surveillance operations against workers who are attempting to form unions. It can also be used against workers who are trying to exercise their right to strike and hold protests,” said Labog.



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