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KMU stands in solidarity with the Bangladeshi workers and people

Rescue workers bringing out a survivor from the rubble on April 26th (photo by Stridel/AFP).

Rescue workers bringing out a survivor from the rubble on April 26th (photo by Stridel/AFP).

The national democratic labor center (one of the largest alliance of unions in the Philippines) has released a statement on the tragic building collapse killing over 300 workers in Bangladesh:

We condemn big capitalists who continue to penny-pinch when it comes to workers’ health and safety in order to further boost their profits. We also condemn the Bangladeshi government for neglecting its workers’ and people’s health and safety by promoting unsafe working conditions that have already caused more than 700 deaths in factory fires since 2006. Big capitalists and the Bangladeshi government are the main culprits behind this so-called “accident” that cost hundreds of lives.

We stand in solidarity with the workers and people of Bangladesh, especially the millions of garment workers who are now waging protests against unsafe working conditions, cheap labor and government neglect of labor rights.

Violations of workers’ occupational health and safety are also rampant here in the Philippines. The number of Filipino workers being victimized by these violations are ever-increasing especially in the construction and service sectors of the economy. In fact, until now, justice has not been served over the deaths of workers in ETON Towers, Keppel and Hanjin shipyards, and in NOVO Mall.

We call on the Filipino and Bangladeshi workers and people to take the streets and join protests on May 1, Labor Day. We must fight for safer working conditions, living wages, regular employment and respect for workers’ rights.



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