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IWA Calls for International Day of Action on March 8th

Grass-roots organizers posing for a photograph during the 1st International Assembly of the International Women's Alliance (photo courtesy of International Women’s Alliance/Bulatlat).

Grass-roots organizers posing for a photograph during the 1st International Assembly of the International Women’s Alliance (photo courtesy of International Women’s Alliance/Bulatlat).

The International Women’s Alliance (IWA), a global alliance based on the principles of  an anti-imperialism, anti-capitalism, anti-patriarchy, anti-racisism, and anti-sexism, is calling on grass-roots organizations around the world to hold actions on International Women’s Day on March 8th:

The International Women’s Alliance (IWA) calls on women all over the globe to advance their ongoing struggles against imperialist globalization and the crisis of capitalism by mobilizing with militant actions on March 8th, 2013 to commemorate International Working Women’s Day.

The International Conference of Working Women over 100 years ago gave birth to what is now popularly known as International Women’s Day. The origin of this day was to highlight the resistance and organizing power of working women to gain the right to fair wages and working hours, the right to vote and an end to discrimination. Today, we must remember to hold true to the origins of March 8th and return to the important issues that weigh heavily on women all over the world, the crises of capitalism and imperialism.

Since the economic collapse in 2008, the impact of the crisis on women all over the world has intensified. The capitalist system continues to unfold crisis measures to shore up the profits of the ruling classes, banks and corporations and maintain their global domination. These measures rely on the increased super-exploitation of women in low-wage and precarious industries, devaluation of women’s labor, the robbing of the land and livelihood of peasant and indigenous women and escalating military intervention, repression and aggression.

As the profits of the 1% are increased and bonus checks are doubled in years of glaring crisis, women of the 99% are reeling under the weight of the crisis and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

U.S. and other imperialist-backed militarization in countries like Israel use an arsenal of new technologies to engage in drone warfare and occupation which makes security of life and stability of livelihood impossible for women and children in these regions.

Women continue to join the resistance. In Tunisia and Egypt women have taken to the streets and are participating massively in uprisings against new imperialist-backed regimes that have betrayed promises of the Arab Spring. Palestinian women are integral to the resistance movement against U.S.-backed Israeli occupation and genocide.

In the Americas, women continue to fight for their rights to land and livelihood as they face the offensive of transnational extraction companies and the governments doing their bidding. Indigenous women of Canada have been leading a country-wide protest called Idle No More to halt renewed attempts by government to rob them of ancestral land rights and pave the way for the extractive industries. Women in Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico are confronting the same brutal corporations to protect their land, water, and communities at tremendous cost to their safety.

Women are increasingly targets of gender-based violence whether on the barricades or in the home. Women across the globe have risen to bring awareness on the different forms of violence against women. Rooted in patriarchal values and maintained by the capitalist system that thrives on discrimination and oppression of women and other marginalized populations, women are demanding that all forms of violence against women must STOP!

This March 8th, IWA calls on women who are active in the struggles locally, nationally and globally to build solidarity and organize militant actions for International Working Women’s Day. IWA encourages women to raise consciousness about the issues that women and their families, communities and peoples face together.
During their March 8th actions, we invite women’s organizations to wear purple armbands or wrist bands to show solidarity across actions globally.



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