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SF CHRP, Joining BAYAN-USA & GABRIELA-USA, Condemn the Israeli Attack on Gaza

Members of SF CHRP, along with the larger San Francisco Bay Area community, protesting in front of the Israeli consulate in San Francisco condemning the recent Israeli air strikes on the people of Gaza (photo by Lenina Bustamante).

On Friday Nov. 16th members of the San Francisco Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (SF CHRP)  joined in protest along with BAYAN-USA, GABRIELA-USA, and the broader San Francisco Bay Area Palestinian community to condemn the current bombings against the people of Gaza.

In a press release BAYAN-USA, which SF CHRP is apart of, chairperson Bernadette Ellorin condemned the massive airstrikes which have injured and killed over 250 Palestinians:

“Right now the IDF is bombing into the ground what has become the largest open air prison in the world, the Gaza Strip, in order to break the backs of the Palestinian people for their long-standing resistance against the U.S.-backed Zionist state,” said BAYAN USA Chairperson Bernadette Ellorin.  “Despite completely shutting the people of Gaza off to the outside world and subjugating them to some of the harshest conditions imaginable, Israel will not be content until they achieve their goal of guaranteeing that the Palestinians’ right to return to their land, and any plan for a two-state solution or a non-Zionist state, is dead.”

“The Zionist state of Israel is a key ally in the service and interests of U.S. imperialism,” explained Ellorin. “A stronger Israel within the region means a stronger presence of U.S. imperialism. Already, key Israeli figures such as Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Barak are seeing the current military assault on the people of Gaza as a stage for an Israeli and American intervention in Iran, thus completing the U.S.’s stranglehold on the people of the Middle East.”

“As Filipinos we know all too well the disastrous effects that U.S. imperialist policies can have against Third World peoples,” continued Ellorin. “Those same policies that have led to the extrajudicial killings of over 114 Filipinos since 2010 and have sanctioned the presence of toxin-dumping U.S. warships and U.S. soldiers on Philippine soil are the same imperial policies that are the driving force of the current death and destruction raining down on the people of Gaza.”



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