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Murdered La Union Lawyer Laid to Rest

A worker demanding the end to impunity and to politically motivated killings (photo by Alex Felipe).

La Union resident and lawyer, Lazaro Gayo, who was an outspoken critic of recent politically motivated killings and of the local political families, was recently laid to recent after succumbing to wounds from an Oct. 30th ambush.  Arthur L. Allad-Iw wrote this article for Northern Dispatch:

From the Church mass 1,500 to 2,000 people brought the murdered lawyer Lazaro Gayo to rest at the Tubao cemetery in La Union on Thursday. As relatives and residents renewed their call for the immediate investigation of the series of killings and attempted killings gripping the town in fear.

Gunned down by an assassin on October 30, the killing of Gayo is claimed to be politically motivated as he has been vocal on the issues affecting his town and in the province of La Union.

Residents claim that the killings has been on-going unhampered and believed heightened in the month of October, where there were 3 residents killed in Tubao alone, Gayo included, and a father and a son who survived an attack against them in their home.

Aside from Gayo, residents said that Kagawad Jose Viduya and Kagawad Rodolfo Estoque were killed on October 12 and 24, respectively. Tanod Alejandro Galiste and his son Alexander were wounded when their house was sprayed with bullets on October 2. Residents claimed that these persons had no criminal records nor are engage in criminal activities but are good residents.

In an interview, a resident claimed that the killing of Gayo is 100 percent politically-motivated.

Like the other interviewed residents, the source claimed that local politicians in the town are involved in the killings.

Sources said that Gayo filed a case with the Ombudsman against Tubao Mayor Dante Garcia and other officials of the province.

The situation of fear due to the recent killings pushed the residents of Tubao town and the province to sign a petition which they shall submit to the president and concerned authorities.

Gayo was a former vice-mayor of Tubao in the 1990s. He filed his candidacy for Board Member in the Province of La Union.



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