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SF CHRP Takes Part in Filipino Community Town Hall

Representatives from different member organizations during the closing of the San Francisco Filipino Community Platform on Oct. 11th (photo by Bernardo Josue, chair of LFS-SFSU).

SF CHRP took part in a community town hall discussion on Thursday, October 11th, at the Bayanihan Community Center, to endorse the San Francisco Filipino Community Platform for the 2012 elections.  SF CHRP, a member organization of the SF Filipino Community Platform since 2011, has been a key organization in promoting the rights and welfare of Filipinos in San Francisco by taking a lead role in organizing the electoral, and people, power of the Filipino community in order to make sure that Filipino voices and key Filipino issues are not left out of the electoral process in San Francisco.

The 2012 platform, which can be downloaded here, covers key issues effecting the Filipino community in San Francisco such as: women’s rights, public transportation, affordable housing, and jobs.  Some highlights from the platform are:

Filipinos are a diverse group of immigrants including U.S. born, undocumented, working class, professionals, seniors, youth, & families as well as LGBTQ. As of 2010, just under 35,000 Filipinos reside in SF representing 4.3% of the total population, concentrated in the Excelsior, SOMA, and Tenderloin neighborhoods in San Francisco. Furthermore, there are potentially an additional 9,000 undocumented Filipinos who are not included in the SF population totals.

In the summers of 2011 and 2012, Filipino leaders & residents from these and other SF neighborhoods came together to discuss key issues facing the SF Filipino community.  They developed a Filipino Community Platform for San Francisco.

  • Appoint people who represent our needs & interest to key city commissions dealing with important issues of the Filipino community such as immigrant rights, affordable housing, & worker rights.
  • Ensure all residents regardless of immigration status have a voice in city government.

  • Ensure better working conditions, living wages, decent benefits, & fair treatment of workers especially for caregivers, hotel workers, nurses and other professionals.
  • End wage theft.

  • Fund more educational programs for youth, parents, & seniors such as Filipino Bi-Lingual programs, after school programs, internship & job training programs & “ate/kuya” programs.
  • Ensure culturally competent admin/staff/teachers.

  • Appoint a representative to MTA who is accountable to working class communities.

  • Opt out of Secure Communities (S Comm) & direct SF police to not implement unjust ICE policies and practices, such as community and racial profiling.
  • Ensure due process for immigrant youth & fully enforce legislation against human trafficking.
  • Support comprehensive immigration reform emphasizing family reunification, a genuine pathway for all undocumented to legal status & the DREAM ACT.
  • Strengthen services for recent immigrants including the undocumented.
  • Support Filipino WWII Veterans & their campaign for Full Equity.

  • People’s Economy: PEOPLE FIRST! Prioritize the needs of the residents vs. the corporations!

  • Strengthen efforts to prevent domestic violence by increasing advocacy efforts, providing better education and outreach, and improve response services for victims including stronger prosecution of perpetrators.

Endorsing the platform are 16 Filipino, and non-Filipino community based, organizations.



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